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Verify tertiary education qualifications across the globe.

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Making it Easy to Check Qualifications

Confidently and quickly verify tertiary education qualifications with one request.

Added Confidence

Have peace of mind a candidate or applicant is qualified. Verification is provided directly by the awarding university or institution.

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Whether it's regulatory obligations for employment or data security standards, RapidID ensures both.

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When you request a check, the person is notified immediately and can upload the required details instantly. We take care of the rest.

Everything you need to know

What are Qualification Verification Checks?

Qualification Verification Checks allow employers and other approved organisations to verify an individual’s claimed academic qualifications.

How do Qualification Verification Checks work?

Once a request is made, the qualification holder provides the details of their qualifications along with consent to have these verified. RapidID automatically submits the request to verify the supplied information with our providers. The majority of these verifications are automated and sourced directly from the institutions resulting in rapid turnaround. The requesting organisation will receive a result of “match”, “no match” or “partial match.”

What Qualifications can be Checked?

RapidID's Qualification Verification Checks are conducted via exclusive partners with access to 50,000 educational institutions across 195 countries. Qualification records can be accessed as far back as 20 years or longer if the educational institution is able to supply them.

Can anyone gain access to RapidID's Qualification Verification Check API?

This solution is only available to organisations that are required to verify individual’s qualifications. Any organisation wishing to take advantage of the qualification check API must create an account with RapidID and be verified and identifiable. Anonymous use is not permitted. At this stage, a direct-to-applicant option is not available.


ISO Certified Protection

All checks are run in real-time against core sources. RapidID provides only transaction records for audit & compliance requirements. Military Grade AES-256 Encryption.


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