RapidID for Medical

From hospitals to physio and psychology practices, ensure accurate patient identity and secure sensitive medical information to avoid healthcare identity theft.


Ensure Your Employees & Patients Are Who They Say They Are

Using Document ID verification and Electronic Identity Verification, you can verify hospital staff and patient identities instantly - ensuring safe, accurate and reliable patient care.

Confidentiality of Sensitive Client Information

Ensure the right person with the right permissions can access what they need to and secure sensitive medical information with biometric security features.

Improve the Onboarding Process

Eliminate arduous paperwork and reduce labor costs by using RapidID’s identity verification solutions to improve the flow of patient information and transactions. Also, be confident that the person standing at the reception desk is the same person scheduled for an appointment.

Maintain a Clean and Accurate Patient Database

Manual data collection of patient information can lead to inaccurate data and lost patient information somewhere in the system. With RapidID’s document verification and document scanning technology, you can rely on accurate patient verification to avoid claim rejections, payment delays and identity fraud.

What we stand for

We're creating a seamless connection between people and technology through ID verification.

We don’t collect data, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing client’s personal data won’t be mined and used later.
With access to more than 100+ billion identity records from 180 countries around the world, we're able verify virtually any form of ID Document including passports, driver’s licenses & National ID's in real time.
RapidID is among the most cost-effective options on the market, with no setup fees, no monthly licence fees, no minimum spend, just a simple PAYG model.
We're here to support your business with the right tools that are intuitive and easy-to-use, so that you can offer a seamless experience to your customers.
We take data protection & your privacy very seriously. The burden of a possible data breach is too much responsibility for any one company. We don't keep any sensitive personal information at all. Zero data. Zero risk of any data breach.
We've created a service that is easy to set-up and start using without instructions. Our web portal is simplistic by design, and our developers love working with the JSON RESTful API.

Pricing that's fair.

We believe in providing the best service on the market at the best price.

No Licence Fees
No Implementation Fees
No Minimum Spend
No Hosting Fees

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