Sunsuper partners with RapidID

Ashley H

So, who is Sunsuper?

Sunsuper is one of Australia‘s biggest & fastest-growing super funds, with 1.3 million members & as at February 2019, $59 billion in funds under management.

As a profit-for-members fund, its customers sit at the heart of everything they do. With no shareholders to pay, profits are returned to members through low administration fees, product innovation & enhanced services.

Sunsuper also helps more than 100,000 businesses across the country manage their employees’ retirement savings through a range of products & services designed to make managing super efficient.

Sunsuper's purpose is to “inspire & empower Australians to fulfil their retirement dreams.” This is what motivates Sunsuper to deliver great customer service by helping members grow their super through award-winning products, solid, long-term returns & low administration fees.

It’s this focus that has cemented Sunsuper's place as Money magazine's Best Super Fund Manager 2018.

Streamlined on-boarding & account access

Now utilising RapidID's (RIDX) platform, new members & exisiting members can access their accounts easily by providing a single form of ID documentation.

RapidID is an authorised Gateway Service Provider to the Department of Home Affairs National Document Verification Service (DVS). This access enables Sunsuper members to provide a single government-issued document as proof of ID, as the document can be verified directly against the issuing agency, in real-time.

This makes it harder for fraudsters to use fake or stolen IDs to access vulnerable accounts.

As a reporting entity under AUSTRAC, Sunsuper needs to meet certain obligations under the AML/CTF legislation.

RapidID's end-to-end suite of solutions helps businesses, such as Sunsuper, meet 'Know Your Customer' (KYC), 'Anti-Money Laundering' (AML) & 'Counter-Terrorism Financing' (CTF) obligations 365 days a year.

For media enquiries relating to Sunsuper, please contact Rebecca Chivers on +61 7 3084 5891.