Judo Capital partners with RapidID

Ashley H

Launch of Australia’s first true challenger bank, purpose-built to become a trusted ally & partner to Australia’s small & medium-sized businesses.

Judo Capital (Judo) is founded on the belief that the financing skills needed by the SME (small & medium-sized enterprise) community have been lost to increasingly centralised functions & cookie-cutter lending policies.

Judo’s mission is to put experienced & empowered relationship-focused lenders back in customers’ premises. This goes against the industry trend; putting the customer experience first & foremost by ensuring Judo’s team can make credit decisions on the quality of the business, not just the quality of the security.

Judo assessed a number of vendors in the market to provide real-time ‘Know Your Customer’ and ‘Anti-Money Laundering’ solutions, selecting RapidID for its cutting edge technologies.

Judo Capital now has access to the latest in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Biometric verification services to seamlessly on-board its customers, providing a competitive edge over its competitors.

One of the added security measures that is built into the very nature & DNA of RapidID, is that there is no centralised database.

All the verification checks take place in real time.

Not days, hours or minutes. In most cases, RapidID can extract information globally from more than 100+ billion points of data & return a simple pass/fail response in less than a second.

RapidID also doesn’t store or collect individual’s information, therefore mitigating any risk of a data breach & providing trust and peace of mind to Judo Capital’s customers.

Niko Bielovich, Judo GM Technology Operations says, “Being integrated directly into Judo's service fabric means RapidID has enabled Judo to offer its customers an almost frictionless on-boarding process.”

Judo’s eye is on the future & the team have built a technology platform that opens up the possibilities of open banking legislation.

By viewing everything as a service, Judo has liberated itself from the legacy constraints of siloed systems to build an entirely cloud-based API service that can be ‘bolted’ together.

Each service contributes to the strength and capability of the whole Judo ecosystem to create truly dynamic customer-focused experiences.

For further details please contact the RapidID team at hello@rapidid.io or the Judo Capital team at info@judocapital.com.au