Australian Document
Verification Services (DVS)

RapidID is an approved Gateway Service Provider for the
Australian Government's Document Verification Service (DVS).

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Offering our customers industry-leading fraud protection is paramount at Judo Bank. So we need a reliable, technology-led partner like RapidID to ensure we satisfy & even surpass AML/CTF requirements. Judo uses RapidID to access the DVS through both its API & web portal. RapidID offers fast, easy onboarding, competitive pricing for enterprise & superb customer support.

Niko Bielovich
Digital Transformation

"RapidID has provided exactly what we were looking for - a self-serve API that gives us AML Risk compliance with minimal fuss. SunSuper is required to re-verify members when they access or withdraw their super. RapidID’s RESTful API gives us easy access to the DVS, the check takes seconds & we get instant ID verification."

Abraham Alex
Manger, Member & Advisor - Enterprise Solutions

"CreditorWatch adopted RapidID's full suite of ID verification & fraud solutions, making them available to our 50,000+ platform users. RapidID’s RESTful API made integrating easy with our onboarding experience being fast & simple."

Joseph Vartuli

"We were looking for a quick & easy ID verification solution to meet our AML/CTF obligations. RapidID is exactly that. The team is very knowledgeable & gave us all the tools we needed to get set up straight away. Simple & straightforward."

Igor Paniushkin

Everything you need to know

What is the DVS?

The Department of Home Affairs' Document Verification Service (DVS) is an identity matching service that helps verify an individual's identity against Government databases. To access the DVS an organisation must use an approved Gateway Service Provider, such as RapidID.
Organisations using a DVS provider don't need to keep copies of identity documents, which helps to protect the individual’s privacy and reduces the risk of data breaches. The DVS compares the personal information on Australian identity documents against official government records. The service is provided through secure, online systems that operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is updated in real-time.

How do I get set up for DVS access?

To get setup with DVS access your organisation must have a registered business within Australia or New Zealand.Your organisation must be caught under the Australian Privacy Act 1988 and/or the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993 as applicable in the relevant circumstances;. If your organisation is either generating more than A$3million in annual revenue, is a reporting entity under AUSTRAC or has previously opted-in to be caught under the Privacy Act, it will be considered automatically captured. Otherwise, you simply apply to the OAIC Opt-In Register. RapidID can provide a simple 1- minute form for this.Your organisation must also complete the Department of Home Affairs’ registration form for DVS access. RapidID will provide you this form and should take only 2 minutes to complete.Finally, you will need to provide RapidID with evidence that  your users agree to a DVS-approved consent statement prior to their identity being checked. Simply click ‘Get Started’ in the top right corner of this page to access everything you need.

How long does it take?

RapidID will provide you with all the forms you need to get started. These should take you only a few minutes to complete. Once you have returned the forms to us, we’ll lodge your application directly with the DVS. Whilst these can often be approved same-day, we cautiously advise to allow 2-3 business days for your application to be approved. Upon approval, you are ready to start accessing the Department of Home Affairs’ Document Verification Service.

Which Identity Documents can the DVS check?

- Centrelink Concession Card
- Certificate of Registration by Descent
- Change of Name Certificate
- Citizenship Certificate
- Driver's License
- ImmiCards
- Marriage Certificate
- Medicare Card
- Passport
- Visa

Simplifying Access to the DVS

DVS via RapidID offers KYC/AML best-practice with instant verification of ID documents such as Driver Licence or Passport.

Prevent Identity Fraud

Prevents fake or stolen documents being used to steal identities and engage in criminal activity.

Increase Conversion

OCR Autofill scans documents to reduce the human error and friction associated with manually inputting data.

Meet Compliance

RapidID automatically stays up to date with the latest regulatory requirements so you can ensure compliance.

About the DVS

The DVS compares the personal information on Australian identity documents against existing government records. The service is provided through secure, online systems that operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is updated in real-time.
- Centrelink
- Centrelink concession cards
- Certificates of registration by descent
- Change of Name Certificates
- Citizenship Certificates
- Driver's Licences
- ImmiCards
- Marriage Certificates
- Medicare Cards
- Passports
- Visas

ISO Certified Protection

All checks are run in real-time against core sources. RapidID provides only transaction records for audit & compliance requirements. Military Grade AES-256 Encryption.

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