In-Country Delivery

     Track Deliveries into Rural Areas –

            –   Humanitarian * Clothing and Food

            –   Petroleum Products

            –   Agriculture Products sent to the Port

Easy to Start and Track – with Delivery Notification:

  1. Place RID Label on the Container    (any size and type of container, box, crate, barrel)


2.   Read the RID Label with the Rapid ID APP (records the start of the delivery trip)

3.  Every Time the RID Label is read with the Rapid ID APP, the location is recorded.

4.  Destination – Rapid ID APP is used to record that the delivery is received.

5.   Display Location Information for Every Delivery  –  Smart Phone or Computer

Record the Travel, Delivery, of Any Type Of Container or Box or Shipment

Read this Document for More Information  RapidID Nigeria